'David Bowie At The V&A'
9th Jan 2013

As fans will know, David Bowie has recently released a new single for the first time in 20 years. Its unexpected arrival generated front page headlines on the Guardian newspaper.

A forthcoming exhibition at the V&A will further cement his reputation as one of Britain's most celebrated icons of the past fifty years. This retrospective will feature all things Bowie related from costumes to lyric sheets.

The musician is an avid hoarder and kept a large archive dating back to the start of his career. Carefully stored in a warehouse in New York, it will be put on display for the first time at the V&A.

The exhibition should be a fascinating insight into the work of an artist that constantly invented different personas throughout his career and embraced many disciplines outside music, such as film, set design and photography.

'David Bowie is......', opens on 23rd March and lasts until 28th July. The Rockwell is a short walk from the Victoria and Albert Museum.