'Death At The Wellcome Collection'
19th Nov 2012

The Wellcome Collection has become one of London's principal attractions, since it opened to the public in 2007. Originally set up by Sir Henry Wellcome, a pharmeceutical entrepreneur, who collected a vast range of medically related objects.

Since its opening, many of these objects have been on display in some truly astonishing exhibitions on themes that relate to the body and human experience, with titles such as 'Skin','Dirt' and 'Identity'.

The collection is exhibiting a show entitled 'Death'. It includes works of art by Durer, Otto Dix and Rembrandt that explore this emotive and frightening topic. The artworks and curios on display contain objects from every corner of the earth and are taken from the collection of Richard Harris, an American with an abiding interest in the subject.

The show has proved very popular and has become something of a sensation. The Wellcome Collection is near Euston Station, at 183 Euston Road. Entry to the exhibition is free.