'Earls Court Redevelopment Receives Permission'
2nd Oct 2012

Recently there has been some controversy regarding the redevelopment of Earls Court Exhibition Centre area The £8bn project plans to convert the area into blocks of flats along with shopping amenities. In the process the centre will be demolished along with two council estates.

Following the disclosure from the local residents that the council has deliberately mislead the public over the scale of opposition to the scheme, new claims have been made that some residents had been promised flats in the new development in return for their support for it's construction. Now it seems that a dossier alleging misconduct at Hammersmith and Fulham council has been handed to the police.

Despite the dossier, planning permission has been received.

In The Rockwell's view, regardless of the merits of redeveloping the area's housing stock it is a mistake to tear down the Exhibition Centre, as it is of real benefit to the area bringing in countless customers to many local businesses.